About Us

About Us


In the year 2000 the first shops and the food court opened in the Hermitage Mall. At that moment the Hermitage consisted of a little over 20 shops. It soon became clear that this was far too little. Shortly hereafter the second phase of the Hermitage Mall started. The second phase opened in 2004, but still there was a need for more. Today the Hermitage Mall with more than 80 shops has grown out to be the biggest shoppingcentre in Paramaribo

The Hermitage Mall is not just a shoppingcentre. You can shop, have drinks or dine. There is something for everyone at the Hermitage Mall, whether your young, old, male or female. Clothing, shoes, bags, souvenirs, gifts accessories, you will find it all at the Hermitage Mall. Ofcourse we also have service companies, banking, making payments for utilities, need a conference room, we have it.

We offer our visitors a fun pleasant environment to shop. Luxery, variaty and quality, security and cleanliness are our values.


The Hermitage Mall is located in the South West part of Paramaribo and is bounded by the Lalla Rookhweg, the Estreliastraat and the Vieruurbloemstraat.

The Hermitage Mall is build in a contemporary Caribbean and American style in yellow and bordeaux colors. The shoppingcentre is completely covered and is provided with benches, plants, fountains and a fishpond. In the evening the galleries are illuminated.

Next to the Hermitage Mall is TBL Cinemas where you can enjoy the ultimate film-going experience in Suriname.